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On the disk, the medical glass concept stocks are strong, Zhengchuan shares daily limit; Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass rose more than 1%; the genetically modified concept is active, Jingliang Holdings has a daily limit; Quan Yin Hi-tech rises more than 4%; Denghai Seeds rose more than 2 %.The market outlook still needs to be cautious."Come and go in a hurry." On September 10, the “low speculation” and “short speculation” on the ChiNext quickly ebbled.

[News]1.The State Council emphasizes accelerating the promotion of new consumption expansion and quality improvement.

In terms of operation, prudent investors may consider allocating part of their funds to the blue-chip sector that was stagnating in the early stage, so that the margin of safety will be higher, and the average market return can generally be obtained.

From the perspective of industry distribution, it is mainly concentrated in the real estate, transportation and automotive sectors.

The price of corn is 1900.00 yuan/ton in Yuncheng County, Shandong Province.