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Among them, Huatai Futures short positions lightened by 392 hands, net short positions fell to 689 hands, Guofu Futures short positions lightened by nearly 700 hands, and positions dropped to 2,754 hands.The fourth set of RMB pictures and prices.Hefeng Animal Husbandry announced on the evening of the 12th that the feed business showed explosive growth, with total sales increasing by 42% year-on-year, of which sales of pig feed increased by 61% year-on-year, and sales of poultry feed increased by 39% year-on-year.It is expected that the index futures will fluctuate in the range, and the intraday may fall.

Among them, the IF position increased by 3300 hands to 192305 hands, IH Masukura 722 hands, the position rose to 90493 hands, and the IC position decreased by 3486 hands, and the position fell to 201865 hands.The stock index breaking through the strong resistance level depends on exceeding expectations The profit or event-driven profitability is a slow variable, and it is in the process of being continuously verified or falsified.The fourth set of RMB pictures and prices.In the short and medium to short term, it is consistent with the previous logic.

Of course, this adjustment is a fine-tuning, which does not have much impact on the index and maintains the continuity of the index.Increased volatility is one of the characteristics after the rapid price increase.