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Industry differentiation is obvious On the first trading day of the Year of the Rat, affected by the epidemic, the Shanghai Composite Index opened 8.73% lower, and the opening drop was a record since 1997.As most stocks hit the lower limit, market liquidity was constrained, and many futures contracts also saw lower limit.

Haitong Futures Longs Masukura increased to 414 lots and the net long position increased to 688 lots.Since the beginning of this year, the strong cyclical products that have been ignored by the market and have been weak, such as steel, cement, and coal, have seen significant gains.Real estate benefits more than expected under loosening As in previous years, the fourth quarter, especially towards the end of the year, will generally have strong policy efforts, especially when the downward pressure on the economy increases.

After the US Federal Reserve cut interest rates during the Russian debt crisis in 1998, the market quickly stabilized and rebounded.The current global epidemic continues to ferment and overlap OPEC's failure to reach a lightening agreement, resulting in a decline in global risk appetite, risk assets being sold, and a negative impact on A shares.Yibin Wuliangye 52 degrees price.At present, the prevention and control efforts are further strengthened, which is expected to bring relatively strong support to the market.