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The lifting of the ban on restricted stocks will aggravate capital disturbances.It is recommended to wait and see in the short-term and increase the allocation in the medium and long-term.

However, the participation of Chinese commercial banks in the Treasury bond futures business is still in its infancy.

The increase was close to 6%; the Shenzhen Component Index and the ChiNext Index hit a 4-1/2-year high, and the weekly K-line rose for 6 consecutive years.The Shanghai Composite Index fell back to 3400 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell more than 2%, and the ChiNext Index fell 3.27%, the lowest closing point since the July 14 Japanese round of adjustment.In the context of the continued consolidation of the recovery of economic fundamentals, some investors are worried that the tightening of monetary policy will suppress the valuation of the stock market.

How many yuan is equal to one trillion won.From the disk, affected by the upcoming implementation of the new solid waste law, the environmental protection sector has become the only bright spot in the market.Economic data released in April showed that fundamentals are stabilizing and aggregate demand is recovering.

Regarding the question of "how does the amendment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index preparation plan guide the market?" Zhang Haibing, vice president of the New Economic Research Institute of Wanbo New Economic Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily that whether it is to remove stocks that are subject to risk warnings, The extension of the time limit for the inclusion of new shares and the inclusion of listed securities on the Science and Technology Innovation Board are all measures to enable the Shanghai Composite Index to more truly reflect the investment value and market perception of listed companies.In addition, a temporary adjustment mechanism has been set up for delisting and delisting risk warnings.(Author's unit: Yide Futures)In the closing period of the first half of the year, the major stock indexes have set their recent highs under the leadership of the small and medium-sized Chuang Index.