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In the short term, market risk factors have been absorbed by the market.In terms of main positions, due to the recent active market performance, the main long and short positions of futures index have increased.

Among them, IF holdings increased by 4495 hands to 143846 hands, while IH holdings declined, and IC holdings continued to climb, increasing by 5,894 hands that week.On the other hand, when the future economy truly emerges from the haze of the first quarter and the market sees the light, the boots are already on the ground.

The superimposed performance enters a period of intensive disclosure, and the risk will weaken the upward mobility.Since last week, White Horse stocks have corrected.The market was mainly boosted by policy and expected liquidity.

IH far-month contracts are on the list, and the main long and short positions have increased substantially, with long positions increasing by 4253 hands, short positions increasing by 5534 hands, and net short positions jumping to 4178 hands.MSCI has increased the A-share market inclusion factor from 15% to 20% after the market close on November 26.All three steps have been implemented.The SSE 50 futures refers to the 11.98 premium on the contract of the month.

This indicator leads the market to some extent.

However, in the long run, the impact of the epidemic on the market is phased.Sell ​​high and buy low.The CSI 300, SSE 50 and CSI 500 indices closed at -0.99%, -1.09%, -0.58%, corresponding to stock index futures The monthly contract prices were -0.92%, -0.97%, and -0.64%, and the corresponding premiums and discounts were -0.06 points, -0.92 points, and -45.88 points.